About Niles

Welcome to the adventures of Niles Gule, resident vampire of Baltimore.

Born in Boston in 1859 (yes, he was born, not “turned”), Niles’ early years are something of a mystery.  He moved to Baltimore in 2013 to escape his troublesome past and is setting down roots in the Crab Cake Capital of the world, not that he would ever consider eating a crab cake.

He currently works as a consultant for the Baltimore Police Department, night shift, as their resident vampire expert and hunter.  The department has also found him useful for night surveillance and at any scene where low light is a problem.

An obvious night owl, Niles does venture out during the day provided he has adequate eye protection and slathers on enough protective sunscreen to avoid sunburn on sunny days.  He’s most often out and about the city after sunset.   He makes his home near the Inner Harbor.  You might encounter him strolling along the wharves, visiting Federal Hill, or having a drink in Fell’s Point.  Don’t ask him to dinner.  He seldom agrees.

If you do run into him in a dark alley, just remember he’s taken a vow of abstinence regarding human blood, so it’s okay to say hello.  He tends to be  concise.  Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t stay to chat.  He’s usually got a lot on his mind.

Both Niles and I hope you enjoy reading about his adventures.  Send us an email at Jariane2001@aol.com or visit Niles’ Facebook page.